Welcome to Lawrence North Orchestras!

Lawrence North High School Orchestras are your home for learning to play a wide variety of music styles on your string instruments.  We learn classical music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and contemporary periods.  And, we explore jazz and pop arrangements for string ensembles, too.  We take you around the world to learn music from Western Europe, South America, North America, and Asia.  We try to connect to the emotion in symphonies, operas, ballets, and rock concerts.  And, many of our students have made lifelong best friends in orchestra.

Our learning experiences for students have included field trips to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, band performances, and Winter Percussion previews.  We have taken overnight trips to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and professional musicals in Chicago.  And, planned prior to this pandemic, we were planning on taking a joint trip to Walt Disney World to perform and participate in a recording studio experience.

Co-Curricular Courses

All orchestra courses are considered co-curricular. Time outside of the school day may be scheduled for dress rehearsals and performances. A limited number of public performances may serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and musical goals. Students are required to participate in performance opportunities outside of the school day that support and extend learning in the classroom.

Orchestra 1


Performs intermediate level music at concerts in the LN auditorium.

Orchestra 2


Performs advanced level music at concerts in the LN auditorium.

Orchestra 3


Performs advanced level music as a string section in the Fall at concerts in the LN auditorium. This orchestra serves as the foundation for the Lawrence North Full Orchestra and will have required rehearsals in the Spring with members of Lawrence North Wind Ensemble.

Mariaci Ensemble

Creates an opportunity for musical artistic expression incorporating music of Hispanic culture, blending students of different cultural backgrounds, and traditionally features voice, violin, trumpet, harp, guitar, vihuela, and guitarron.


News and Events

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Live From Lawrence Celebration!

Live From Lawrence Celebration!

Live from Lawrence - it's Friday night! This year, the LTSF Celebration is going VIRTUAL on Friday, March 12, SNL style. Skits and musical guests will feature MSD of Lawrence Township students, staff, and alumni while continuing the long-standing tradition of...

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