Lawrence North Choir Programs

The Lawrence North Choir program, under the direction of Ms. Elizabeth Warrner, is an inclusive environment where every student, no matter age, gender, or experience, can find their home.


Co-Curricular Courses

All choir courses are considered co-curricular. Time outside of the school day may be scheduled for dress rehearsals and performances. A limited number of public performances may serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and musical goals. Students are required to participate in performance opportunities outside of the school day that support and extend learning in the classroom.


Legacy is the premier mixed show & concert choir at Lawrence North, featuring 40-45 choir members, and supported by a student band and crew during the show choir competition season (January to March).  Legacy competes regionally under the direction of Elizabeth Warrner, choreographed by Arcttago Luckett, Dallas James Pritt, & Ashley Chandler, and accompanied by Kyle Johnson.  Students who participate in Legacy develop musicianship and performance skills through solo and ensemble singing.

Bella Bravada

Bella Bravada is the premier women’s choir at Lawrence North, featuring 30-40 female voices, singing a variety of repertoire from classical to contemporary. Singers learn to develop their individual sounds to achieve the best choral blend. Their name, meaning ‘beautiful and bold” in Italian, was chosen to represent the steadfast strength that women can achieve when united for a singular cause. Students develop musicianship and performance skills through solo and ensemble singing.

Treble Singers

Treble Singers is the beginning chorus that performs a wide variety of high school level literature in concerts throughout the school year.  This ensemble is comprised of all female voices.  Students develop musicianship and performance skills through solo and ensemble singing.

High Five Unified Choir

High Five Unified Choir is an inclusive choir comprises of exceptional learners and peer buddies, much like the Best Buddies program. Students participating in High Five receive a well-rounded education of general music, world music, and acceptance of differences. This choir performs once a semester.

Sounds of Praise

Sounds of Praise, under the direction of Cliff Latham, focuses on cultural music within the Gospel idiom. Sounds of Praise frequently performs at outside venues such as local churches on Sunday mornings.

The Voices

The Voices is Lawrence North’s a cappella group. Comprised of 5-10 singers, the group travels around Lawrence Township, recruiting students for the choir program. They take their artistic inspiration from groups like Pentatonix.